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Solus Trust is independent from financial institutions such as banks

Solus Trust Company Limited is a privately owned, non-deposit taking independent trust company with no affiliation to big banks or investment firms.  We are dedicated to offering personalized fiduciary services in British Columbia.  Our independent, unbiased approach reduces the conflicts of interest traditional trust companies have when offering their own services and investment products.  Solus Trust provides solely trust and estate services.

Founded in 2005, Solus Trust Company has grown to become one of British Columbia’s largest trust companies.  Independence, decades of in-depth technical experience, local presence and personalized services make Solus Trust unique among corporate trustees.

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  • Incorporated under the Financial Institutions Act (British Columbia) as a non-deposit taking trust company.
  • Unique among corporate trustees, providing only trust, power of attorney and estate services, all tailored to meet individual needs of clients.
  • Completely independent from financial institutions.
OnlySolusSolus Trust is uniquely positioned amongst trust companies in British Columbia.

Solus Trust is independent from financial institutions such as banks. Those financial institutions often offer a variety of other services such as investment management and financial planning, either directly or through other wholly-owned companies.  A more unbiased approach would be to allow the client to select from all, not just a limited few, service providers.


We allow the client to recommend who they would like to provide such services as investment management or banking to their trust or estate.  In addition, as Solus Trust provides only trust and estate services, we always look to the external organizations recommended by our clients to provide the financial and professional services required by their trust or estate.

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Solus means “only” in Latin, which reflects the fact that we provide only personal fiduciary services.  We specialize in the provision of trust and estate related services to individuals and work with specialists in other fields (such as financial planners, investment advisors, lawyers, and accountants) to create customized estate planning solutions for our clients.  Those other specialists can be the client’s own trusted advisors or, if no such relationship currently exists between the client and an advisor, then we can make an introduction to a number of experts in a variety of fields.


In all cases, we focus on providing professional trust and estate services in conjunction with experts in other fields, ensuring that the client receives the highest level of unbiased and personalized advice possible.


Generally speaking, only trust companies or individuals can act as an executor or trustee.  Solus Trust has a dedicated team of experienced practitioners able to handle situations ranging from the simple to the most challenging.  Our flexible business practices and situation-specific approach allows us to adapt with each administration to the specific needs of our client and their families.


Our power of attorney clients receive the services of a dedicated account manager who is able to provide ongoing personalized services when they need it the most.  Our focus is solely on providing these services and passing along to the client the efficiencies associated with specializing in this area.

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“Be the preferred independent trust company operating in British Columbia.”

– Solus Trust’s vision –

“Enjoy solace with Solus.”


*combined Team experience working specifically in the field of trusts and estates